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Munisupport provides expert, cost-effective professional services to help local governments run more efficiently so that they can better serve their communities and constituents. Our consultants bring deep public/private -sector experience and knowledge to every engagement, thereby helping our clients achieve more for the benefit. 

Overcoming Operational Challenges with Confidence

State and local governments are currently at a crossroad with increasing challenges on how to reduce waste, constrain spending, improve performance and maintain reasonable yet competitive levels of taxation. On top of that, finding new ways to attract, grow and retain both business and industry remain essential to long-term economic sustainability.

Munisupport staff and our legal team are experts a variety of fields in the area of government and offer advice to government agencies who may not employ staff with the necessary expertise or are understaffed.

We provide assistance on projects from the research stage to implementation. With the right structures, people, systems, policies, and culture, governments can be more effective and more efficient. Contact us to see how we can help.

Web - Social Media – Branding Services
For Local Government 


Website Design &  Maintenance

Munisupport offers solutions to Municipalities that eliminate the hassle of trying to determine the ins and outs of designing, building, and hosting a website saving you time, money, and frustration.

We offer a professional, cutting edge, search engine optimized website, customized for small cities and towns at an incredibly affordable price point. 


Brand Development 

The impact your brand makes on the public is vital for the success of your organization. Communicated visually and verbally, branding encompasses both sight and sound. Great branding can make you stand out as unique, and help you engage with residents.  

If you don’t think you need a brand, you should know you already have one. Everything you do as a local government forms your brand. The goal is to strategically manage the impression your local government makes.


Social Media for Local Government

Munisupport offers assistance to local governments to build and maintain a strong social media presence to better engage with residents.

For local governments, social media is part of a foundation for a new type of democracy and community participation.

 Many  of your residents will push that follow button because there’s a promise of some useful information in the future. 

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